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Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme

We receive funding from the Australian Government to run the Aged Care Volunteers Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) in the Perth metropolitan area.

Many seniors suffer from loneliness and a sense of isolation for a number of reasons. The ACVVS is a free service that helps seniors improve their self-esteem and wellbeing.

To be eligible for a volunteer visit from Umbrella, a person must be from a multilingual, multi-faith, multicultural, or LGBTIQ+ background; at risk of social isolation; living in the Perth metro or Peel region and must also be receiving a home care package or living in a residential aged care facility.

Read the latest Australian Government fact sheet on the ACVVS program for clients receiving home care packages below: 

ACVVS fact sheet for HCP clients

If you like to apply to volunteer, please download and complete our Volunteer Application Form 

Once completed, email the form to acvvs@umbrellacommunitycare.com.au or call us on 9275 411 during office hours.

Stories from our clients and volunteers

“My wife passed away last year. The only visitor that I receive is from Umbrella. We normally have a cup of strong espresso, we talk about Italy and its music and food. My volunteer visitor is now my friend, and I’m very happy with his visits. Thank you Umbrella.”

– Umbrella ACVVS client

“As a volunteer, I visit clients at their homes where they feel comfortable and safe. I love to hear their life stories. They love to tell me about their country, achievements and family. They make me feel included in their lives, loved and cared for. I am always looking forward to my visits full of good energy and love.”

– Umbrella ACVVS Volunteer

“I have been volunteering for Umbrella for the last four years and I find joy and happiness visiting my dear clients. I feel supported and motivated by the volunteer coordinator. I love our volunteer meetings and celebrations. Thank you Umbrella for the amazing work you do, supporting isolated seniors in our communities.”

– Umbrella AVCVS volunteer


Some of our very special volunteers