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Information for carers

As a dedicated home care provider in Western Australia, we understand the vital role that carers play in the lives of our clients. Whether you are a family member or a friend, we are here to support you with the resources, information and services you need.

Please contact our intake and assessment team on (08) 9275 4411 or email us at assessments@umbrellacommunitycare.com.au if you need support accessing aged care services for your loved one.

Here are some resources in different languages to assist you if you are a carer.

Carer Gateway provides translated resources to support carers from diverse backgrounds:


Carers WA provides support resources in multiple languages to assist carers:


My Aged Care offers translated information on aged care services and support for carers:


The Health Translations Directory provides access to a range of translated health and wellbeing resources and information for carers:

Health Translations Directory – Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health (ceh.org.au)

The Multicultural Health Services Directory details programs and services that address, or are inclusive of, the health needs of Western Australians from CaLD backgrounds:


Support services for carers

Carer Gateway is a national service that provides practical information and resources to support carers. It offers phone counselling, online courses and access to emergency respite services.

Call 1800 422 737

Home | Carer Gateway

Carers WA offers a range of services for carers including counselling, support groups, workshops and respite care.

Call 1800 200 422

Advocating & Supporting Family Carers in WA | Carers WA

My Aged Care is the entry point for aged care services funded by the Australian Government and can assist carers in accessing home care packages and support services.

Call 1800 200 422

Access Australian aged care information and services | My Aged Care

Care Finder at Umbrella is designed to assist older people from CaLD backgrounds in navigating the aged care system. It provides personalised support, helping clients and their carers access appropriate services and resources.

Call (08) 9275 4411

Care finder program | Umbrella Multicultural Community Care (umbrellacommunitycare.com.au)

Caring for someone can be demanding, and it’s important to take care of your own health and wellbeing.

Beyond Blue provides mental health support including online forums and resources.

Call 1300 224 636

Beyond Blue | 24/7 Support for Anxiety, Depression and Suicide Prevention – Beyond Blue

Lifeline WA offers 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention services.

Call 13 11 14

Get Help home – Lifeline Australia

Emergency respite centres provide information and coordinate access to respite services for carers.

Call 1800 422 737

Home | Carer Gateway

Training and education

Carers WA provides a variety of workshops and training sessions to help carers develop new skills and knowledge.

Call 1300 227 377

Carers WA e-Learning

Connecting with other carers

Join a Carers WA support group in your local area to connect with other carers and share your experiences.

Call 1300 227 377

Social Support | Supportive Social Networks | Carers WA

Participate in online forums to connect with carers from across Australia.

CarerGateway Forum

At Umbrella, we support carers’ voices in shaping policies and services. Carer representation allows carers to participate in forums, committees, and advisory groups, ensuring their experiences and insights are considered in decision-making processes.

For more information on carer representation:

Carer Representation | Supporting Western Australians | Carers WA

Carers Recognition Act fact sheets (www.wa.gov.au)



If you are a carer for a friend or family member, there is support out there for you.