There has been an increased number of enquiries from community members about the changes in the aged care system. Our staff listened to many of these calls mostly raising concerns about the future of aged care services and financial issues. Consequently, Umbrella Inc. developed two easy to use flow charts to help people navigate the aged care system:

Navigating the Aged Care System
Umbrella Inc have designed this fact sheet help you explore what type of services are available through My Aged Care.
Your Aged Care system Map 

Provider Profile Questionnaire:
People may use this chart to compare aged care service providers and their prices. Generally, aged care providers should disclose all of this information to you.
Comparing Home Care Package Providers Form

Budgeting Tool:
This tool can assist people to understand how their budget works depending on their level of the package. It explains the different parts of the funding and how it relates to service delivery.
Home Care Package Budgeting Tool

To order the hard copies of these flyers, please contact Henrietta on 9275 4411 or e-mail


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