On a regular basis, Umbrella Inc. offers door-to-door social excursions for seniors at a low cost, accommodating varying levels of age-related mobility and cognition.

The aim of these programs is to provide unique services that create a social connection, stimulating activities and peace of mind with the full assistance of our trained and professional staff! Our programs are filled with joy, laughter and fun!

The Weekender is a brilliant program, because when you are on your own, the weekend can be long and lonely. This program gives people the chance to meet others, see interesting places and make new friends. Umbrella staff do an amazing job even on the weekends

Weekender Club

This is a day outing that takes you places on the weekend and allows members to spend a longer time on activities such as day trips to parks, places of interest or special events. Morning tea is provided. Participants may bring their own lunch or go somewhere to share a meal (each person is responsible for their own lunch). Activities are Saturdays or Sundays (occasionally) with a base in Belmont.


Special Events and Evening outings

You are also invited to join Umbrella for an adventure and opportunity to experience Perth City by night. There are plenty of reasons to go out after working hours when the city comes to life including sightseeing, arts, culture and various entertainments. These groups also visit unknown dining venues to taste multicultural cuisines from all over the world. Clients are welcome and encouraged to suggest the restaurants they would like to visit. The options are unlimited and we are looking forward to tasting traditional dishes from India, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Germany and traditional Australian.