Multicultural Village Hub

Building a social, multicultural community where people 55 + from different backgrounds can meet, share skills and experience, and participate in a wide range of events and activities.    


  • What is the Village Hub?
  • Creative Culture Connect Competition
  • Go Game Workshops

What is the Village Hub? 

The Village Hub is a multicultural community of older adults who come together (both in-person and virtually) to socialise, share their experiences, learn new things and keep active together. 

Driven by member interest, the Hub offers a calendar of activities and events and provides a venue for groups to meet and run activities of interest. This includes culturally specific groups as well as cross-cultural programs supported by multilingual volunteers. 

The Hub encourages mutual support through sharing knowledge and skills and peer to peer small acts of neighbourly support. Mutual support strategies aim to better enable members to age well and independently with the support of neighbours and friends. 

Umbrella’s Multicultural Village Hub is partnering with the Independent Living Assessment (ILA) who are the Village Hubs National Grant Manager. It is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. Go to for more information. 

Who is it for? 

The Multicultural Village Hub is for people from diverse backgrounds aged 55 years or over (50 years and over for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) living in the City of Belmont and Bayswater. 

What kinds of activities can I do at the Village Hub? 

Some activities the Hub may run are traditional games like Go or Chinese Chess, walking or other exercise groups, dance groups, tech support, specific ethnic, social groups, craft, arts and culture events, book club, writing or poetry club, gardening, lunch/food-related, seminars and education sessions – it all depends on what members want to do together. 

The aim is to create an environment that provides both opportunities for ethnically and culturally specific activities and cross-cultural or all-inclusive activities. 

What does ‘community-led’ mean? 

The community will have complete ownership of what activities and initiatives are included in the program. Together we will work collaboratively to organise and run the group. 

This approach empowers people to share skills and interests and recognise that everyone has valuable skills and knowledge that can help build a strong, connected community.  


Become a member of the Hub and join a local, culturally diverse, supportive community with whom you’ll connect, socialise, share, learn and thrive. If you live or work in the Belmont or Bayswater Local Government Areas  (LGA), are aged 55 years or over, or aged over 50 years for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, you can become a member of the Hub.

Membership is free.

Membership provides you with:

  1. Connection and belonging to your local community through group activities such as cultural, craft, health and wellness programs, recreational and educational activities
  2. Confidence and empowerment to share your knowledge, skills and interest and feel valued by supporting your community.
  3. Support through access to a community peer support network and information about support services and programs to age well.

To register for membership, please fill out and submit the online form here, or contact the Hub’s Coordinator via:

Phone: 9275 4411

Connect with us today on our Facebook Page:



We are so excited to announce the first round of Multicultural Village Hub community programs!
These activities are free to join and are a great opportunity for people over 55 to connect, learn and share.
🖥️What’s On June?🖥️
Go (an ancient boardgame) workshop – Monday and Saturday
Bead Craft workshop – Tuesday
Social Board Games – Tuesday
Multicultural Morning Tea – Wednesday
1-on-1 Tech Support – Friday
All activities are run by volunteers or facilitators and are currently free to join. Check out our website or Facebook events page for more information about what’s on, when and contact us to register for a program.
P: 9275 4411



Join us for a free 10-week social program to learn how to play an ancient strategic board game, Go.
Do you want to:
  • Create new connections
  • Have fun playing games
  • Learn new skills
What the program includes:
  • Information session
  • Facilitated weekly meetings
  • Use of high-quality Go sets and AI Go set
  • Collaborative approach in learning
  • Individualised approach to suit the needs of each participant
Who should attend:
This is an opportunity for people over 55+ to develop life-long skills, to keep their brain active and to be able to play the fascinating Go game with your family and friends.
All lessons facilitated by Institute 361.






A social space for the multicultural community!